Our Mission Statement

Our Lady of Lincoln Catholic Primary School is a living and caring community, an extension of our homes and an integral part of our wider Community.

Everyone is given the opportunity for a complete educational journey, embracing their spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual and physical needs.

Following Christ’s teaching to love God and love our neighbour, our school aims to provide a living and learning experience, responsive to the individual’s needs, preparing our children for further growth and development and helping them to realise their full potential.

We seek to inspire the children entrusted to us to value themselves and each other.

We do this through:

  • The care and example set by all of our staff
  • The delivery of a broad, rich and inspiring curriculum
  • Recognising and affirming the achievements of each individual child
  • Working in partnership with the home, the Parish and the wider Community
  • Our policies of inclusion

Our ultimate aim is to enable our children to be good citizens here and in the kingdom of God, to sow seeds based on Christ’s commandments ‘to love God and love one another’, providing an education that will help equip them for life, giving values which will shape their growth and development as human beings long after they leave Our Lady’s School.