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Year Two

Hello wonderful year 2 families. 

Welcome to our webpage. Hopefully there is lots of information of here that is useful to you.

The curriculum letter so you know what we are doing, spelling words and extra resources that you can use.

I regularly post on twitter too, so that you can see what we are doing in class.

The padlet is there for you to upload work and I will add feedback to any home learning that takes place.


Remember we are a team!


Here's to a great year together.


Much love 

Mrs Robinson

Summer curriculum letter

Curriculum letter advent 2020



Dear parents, above is the link to our Home Learning Padlet. This is where you can share your child's home learning and I can have a look and give your child some feedback to help them improve and get better. It's as close as we can get at the moment and it will mean that we can interact like we used to in the classroom.

Please complete the home learning as normal and then upload it to the padlet straight from your phone just by clicking on the + in the corner of the padlet page. 

You could add other learning from home too like baking or reading.... the sky's the limit!

It's so easy and I'm sure your child will really benefit from the interaction too.


Spellings that children can practise


Books available to read and enjoy!

Maths problem solving. Some practical activities to do at home.

Here are our common exception words for your reference. Your child is screened and tested on these every term and a sheet is sent home with which ones they know.

Reading at home