Our Lady of Lincoln Catholic Primary School

A voluntary Academy

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Our PE Intent:


Usain Bolt once said, ‘The sky has no limits and neither should you.’ At Our Lady’s we don’t want our PE curriculum to have any limits. We want our children to experience new sports and gain new skills. We want our children to try as many sports, games and techniques as possible to open doors to them to find areas to thrive in. We want them to see PE as a part of life that makes us fitter and stronger, with clear links to our Science curriculum and how our body works not just physically but mentally. We want our children to know that whilst PE can lead you to compete and win it can equally be something that allows you to escape from the challenges in your life and let you relax and feel at peace.

We want our children to experience working as a team, leading a team, winning and failing as a team to give them much needed life skills ,such as communication, to face the challenges of modern life. Equally, we want the children at Our Lady’s to know what it is to succeed at any level as an individual in sport too to promote independence and resilience. Our PE curriculum has no limits just as we have no limits in the lengths that we will go to, to support our children’s ambitions in sport.