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Our Music Intent:


Music is a varied and diverse area of the curriculum full of richness and beauty. There are so many styles and genres spanning hundreds of years. As with many things, music has evolved over time, with each period influencing the next.


Through music we are able to express our emotions, release our creativity and reach out to touch the hearts and minds of others. Music is often thought of as a language and, where we sometimes feel unable to put our thoughts and emotions into words, it is music which enables us to express this. Music has the power to lift our spirits and take us to a better place. In an ever changing world, where there are increasing pressures and stresses, an appreciation of music is as important as ever.

Our aim is to foster a love and appreciation for music where our children can discover the joys of expressing their creativity and feelings. Our Music Curriculum encourages our children to experience many musical styles, to develop an appreciation of music they would not normally listen to and provide opportunities to explore and be creative with rhythms and sounds. We aim
to give all children the opportunity to grow into confident performers and appreciate the performances of others.