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The importance of Maths is well recognised in making sense of the world around us. We encourage practical investigation and place emphasis on children’s ability to calculate mentally and using written methods and then applying these to different every day contexts. This involves children knowing their number bonds and their times tables, so that they can use these to aid their mental strategies.


The Maths curriculum is taught on a modular basis and revisits key concepts on a termly and yearly basis reinforcing and then building on previously taught skills. The children are taught a range of calculation methods to deepen their understanding of number, and the school’s whole school Calculations Policy ensures that continuity and progression of skills are built up as each child moves through the school.


During daily maths lessons, children will experience whole class interactive teaching, as well as working in groups, with partners and carrying out tasks independently. Real life problems will be used, where possible, for investigations and to put the topic into a real context.

We also use a range of technologies to enhance teaching and learning in Maths, and throughout the curriculum