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Hello everyone and welcome to our Holy Week Prayer Resources!

We at Our Lady of Lincoln school are very excited to go on this year’s Holy Week journey with you…

The last week of Lent is called Holy Week. In Holy week we remember, reenact and reflect on the last week of Jesus’ life of earth before his death and resurrection.


Timeline of Holy Week

Each day in Holy Week has a special meaning…

Palm Sunday: Jesus enters Jerusalem

Monday: Jesus cleanses the Temple and Jesus is anointed at Bethany

Tuesday: Jesus predicts his own death

Spy Wednesday: The day Judas arranged the betrayal of Jesus

Maundy Thursday: The Last Supper

Good Friday: The crucifixion of Jesus

Holy Saturday: The day between Jesus’s death and resurrection

Easter Sunday: Jesus’ resurrection

Although we cannot go into our Schools and Churches in Holy Week this year to celebrate Mass and have liturgies, we are very lucky that we have lots of ways that we can pray in our homes with our families. It is very special and heartwarming to think that our friends and family around the world will be praying in their homes at the same time!


Here are some things that you could do in your homes to get ready for Holy Week…

  • Make a poster and stick it on the fridge (or somewhere that your family will see) the timeline of Holy Week. 
  • It would be a good idea to create a space in your home for prayer, this might be in your living room or in your bedroom! In your prayer space you could create your own prayer focus with special objects from around your house. Try and include a Bible, candle and crucifix! You can also make your own resources to put on your prayer focus to help you with prayer this week. There is loads of inspiration online!
  • Here are some photos below for some inspiration…
Picture 1
Picture 2

As we prepare to begin our journey in Holy Week let us remind ourselves what Holy Week is all about in 3 minutes!

Holy Week in Three Minutes

Why do Catholics wave palms on Palm Sunday, wash each other's feet on Holy Thursday, or kiss the cross on Good Friday? In a BRAND NEW version ...